Studies break

I have completed two modules so far. It is very intensive. The project has been a big milestone for me. Although there are some parts of the lesson that are challenging to understand, nevertheless I still try to do all my assignments. I look forward to the upcoming modules 

Breast Care Ambassador

I am officially the new breast care ambassador. Breast is very important especially I see some woman having breast cancer or breast problems. Remember to use breast care kit. Here is the link to get 10% off discount if you purchase any product from Happy Breast Balm. I know about this Happy Breast Balm through Melissa Ambrosini Instagram and I went to check it out. Melissa Ambrosini Instagram : Love, Celine Breast Balm

Soulful and Savvy 1st Year

Its 1st October today which means I am one year in toastmaster. I have been looking forward to this day. I was told that my club do not celebrate first year of joining which I really hoped they could. Its strange that I do not feel sad. I have been in the club for one year but I barely know the people there. I am actually open to meeting people. Although I have obstacles and challenges, I am still determined to learn, grow and evolve to be a better person.  for more toastmaster photos. Follow me on my toastmaster journey

1st Anniversary in Toastmaster

Its been a year 🎉🎉 Hooray. I been through a lot of hurdles, obstacles and nothing stands in my way. My favourite segment is of course table topics. I am known as the champion girl. Its a miracle that I can sustain for one year. I actually wanted to leave along the way but I still stayed on. I am the SAA now. Woohooo. Many more years to come

Online education

I have been learning online and I am grateful to have many mentors who provides me with free trainings in email and Facebook group. I learn about mindset and a little bit about content creation every single day. I am still figuring out what I want to do for my career. I am upleveling by learning and gaining knowledge

Volunteer Singing at Yishun Hospital

I have volunteered in the hospital since May this year. It has been a fruitful experience. I have been singing in front of so many patients. I can sing better in groups now. My experience in toastmasters give me confidence to sing to a big audience. However, one of the patient looked at me in a weird way when I first came. I told the volunteer in charge about it. She said that the patient may be cannot bear us leaving after we sing. I look forward to volunteer at Yishun hospital every first Saturday and second Saturday of the month

Toastmaster journey

I have been in toastmaster for 8 months. There is a lot of great things happening for me. I have improved by leaps and bounds. The audience cheered whenever I went up for table topics. I am the first one to go up for table topics. I have been to several clubs such as NUS, NTU, Chong Pang, Tampines Changkat, AIA, Pasirisian and so on. I learn to speak good English by the language evaluator. I also learn to connect with the audience and not to go out of time. #publicspeaking #girlboss